Blue Orchids

Brudenell Social Club, Saturday 2nd June 2018

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The founding guitarist of The Fall and its primary songwriter on early releases, Martin Bramah formed the Blue Orchids with two other disillusioned Fall members after the release of the Live At The Witch Trials album - with almost instant success. John Peel championed the 7" singles "Work" and "The Flood" and had them record two radio sessions. Soon after, a high-profile tour with Echo & the Bunnymen followed. Their debut album, The Greatest Hit (Money Mountain) topped the indie charts and delivered five classics still in the set today - "Sun Connection," "Dumb Magician," "A Year With No Head," "Low Profile" and "Bad Education."

Having created one of early post-punk's most distinctive sounds with their strung-out keyboards weaving around inventive, discordant guitar patterns -- once described as "Phil Spector meets the Velvet Underground beneath the Blackpool illuminations" - the Blue Orchids now move on, determined to make the world a more colourful place. Recent album The Once And Future Thing confirms Martin Bramah as an artist who has followed his muse and continues to write great and memorable songs.

St. Christopher are a British indie pop band formed in York in 1984, who released several records on Sarah Records in the late 1980s, and have continued to release records since.

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Brudenell Social Club

33 Queen's Road, Leeds LS6 1NY