The Wardrobe, Wednesday 18th April 2018

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The following agents are selling tickets for Mabel at The Wardrobe on 2018-04-18 Wednesday 18th April 2018. Face value tickets are priced at £12.50.

An artist well and truly hitting her stride, Mabel recently released her debut mixtape, ‘Ivy To Roses’: a vivid snapshot of her extraordinary personal journey thus far, and a tantalizing taste of where she may go next. Born into a musical dynasty, Mabel has spent the last couple of years carving out her own sound, her own way; now arriving at the point where she is ready to make the type of debut album she has spent her whole life (from choreographing DIY dance routines with her sister to writing songs in secret) building up towards. Along the way, Mabel has grown into one of British pop’s most refreshing and positive young role models: moving effortlessly between the worlds of music, fashion, dance and art, and as at home collaborating with Stormzy or Tate Modern as she is touring with Years & Years and teaming up with campaigns for Adidas. \nBuoyed by the slow-burning success of ‘Finders Keepers’, Mabels describes ‘Ivy To Roses’ as “another piece of the puzzle. It’s collection of songs that I love and want the world to hear right now. This is only the beginning of my journey but I want people to feel part of the evolution of my music, which is why I’m putting another project out now.” Always an honest, open and exciting young talent, ‘Finders Keepers’ announces Mabel as a blossoming, bonafide pop star who’s not done growing yet. \nSupport from Grace Carter \nTickets SOLD OUT \n

The Wardrobe

Quarry Hill, Leeds LS9 8AH