Amusement Parks On Fire

The Library, Friday 17th November 2017

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This cable is by way of announcement that the 'ethereal rock' group Amusement Parks On Fire will recommence operations in November with a live audio and visual performance tour of the United Kingdom and the worldwide release of a new 7 vinyl single 'Our Goal To Realise' via Saint Marie Records on 17/11/17.
This disclosure also anticipates the delivery of a new extended-play 12" disc 'An Archaea' in 2018, in addition to concert offerings in mainland Europe and elsewhere, scheduled to commemorate the dawn of a new tax year commencing 6th April, as and when the company is inclined, primed and deems it commercially appropriate.

Sonic, spiritual and street-credibility support for November's undertaking comes in the form of Bergen, Norway's Linn Fr

The Library

229 Woodhouse Lane, Leeds LS2 3AP