Virginia Wing

Hyde Park Book Club, Sunday 4th November 2018

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The following agents are selling tickets for Virginia Wing at Hyde Park Book Club on 2018-11-04 Sunday 4th November 2018. Face value tickets are priced at £7.

Virginia Wing make pop music, but the sort that rarely becomes popular – at least, not Carly Rae Jepsen popular. That’s because it’s wrapped in swirls and drones, swathed in studio shadows and fog. They sound like a pop group tethered by avant-garde tendencies, or possibly like an avant-garde group enlivened by pop tendencies. They remind me a bit of the one shoegaze band yet to reform, Lush: there’s something in the female singer’s clipped delivery that recalls Miki Berenyi and Emma Anderson of that early-90s shoegaze girl group (featuring two men). The other outfits Virginia Wing bring to mind are Stereolab and Broadcast – acts who managed to sound experimental and current, yet haunted by a pop past that you couldn’t quite fix; who sounded at once quaintly English and dreamily Europhile. This three-piece from south London’s vocalist sings in a defiantly British way, but there is a Francophile mystery and an airiness to her tone that is resolutely Scandinavian

Hyde Park Book Club

27-29 Headingley Lane, Leeds LS6 1BL