Wreckless Eric

The Wardrobe, Thursday 2nd May 2019

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"Wreckless Eric is a hero...like Ray Davies and Ian Dury, he is a truly great British songwriter" - Mojo MagazineWreckless Eric began his recording life on Stiff Records in 1977, with his enduring hit Whole Wide World, when he was little more than an ex-teenage art student.Eventually he sidestepped the mechanics of stardom to become Britain's biggest underground household name, much loved and much misunderstood.
Wreckless Eric released three albums on Stiff Records between 1978-1980 - Wreckless Eric, The Wonderful World of Wreckless Eric and Big Smash. In the 1980s he formed groups The Captains of Industry, The Len Bright Combo (with ex-members of Thee Milkshakes), The HItsville House Band and Le Beat Group Electrique.Reverting to the name Wreckless Eric for acclaimed albums on New Rose Records, Hangman Records and Fire Records, his 2018 album Construction Time and Demolition was regarded as a career high - and arguably his finest moment.

The Wardrobe

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