The Duncan Mcfarlane Band

HEART, Saturday 24th November 2018

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The following agents are selling tickets for The Duncan Mcfarlane Band at HEART on 2018-11-24 Saturday 24th November 2018. Face value tickets are priced at £6.

The Duncan McFarlane Band is centered on Duncan’s acoustic & electric guitar work, the powerhouse rhythm section of Nick Pepper on drums and Martin Ward on bass guitar are elevated to yet greater heights by Anne Brivonese’s fiddle, Steve Fairholme’s melodeon and Steve Foster’s electric guitar.'Essentially solid, energetic English electric folk, full of pumping riffs and loads of energy'   'It’s nice to find a folk-rock band that understands both folk AND rock and knows how to draw on one without diluting the other' fRoots and the EDS QuarterlyA real master class in just how to do the folk-rock thing right!’ - R2The evening opens with a set from Sabrina Piggott.  Sabrina’s songs are full of a sense of open spaces and possibilities. She has taken her rich traditional music background from her ancestral home in the countryside of Cork, Southern Ireland (Sabrina is the niece of De Dannan Charlie Piggott) and fused it with modern industrial city sounds of her adopted Leeds and Yorkshire. Her distinctive rippling, almost Phillip  Glass evoking, acoustic guitar style sets the tone for a heart melting voice with a Celtic timbre that pulls the emotion out of the lyric.


Bennett Road, Leeds LS6 3HN