Brudenell Social Club, Wednesday 30th August 2017

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Starcrawler are a Los Angeles rock band who formed one year ago when lead vocalist Arrow de Wilde met guitarist Henri Cash at their Echo Park high school. Shortly thereafter, the streets of Hollywood brought them the rhythm section of Austin Smith (drums) and Tim Franco (bass). They play with squalling riffs and thundering beats and their incendiary performances, fronted by de Wilde's otherworldly magnetism, recalls nothing as much as a youthful amalgam of the Cramps, the Yeah Yeahs Yeahs, and Alice Cooper.

Rough Trade Records released Starcrawler's debut single Ants in May 2017, alongside b-side Used to Know. The song, written days after the foursome first played together, was produced with Steven McDonald of Redd Kross (The Donnas, Fun).

The band's rise has been incredibly fast paced. London DJ Matt Wilkinson first discovered Ants and played it his Beats One show, after which the track made its way to Zane Lowe and Sir Elton John, both of whom spun the track repeatedly. It was soon featured in a UniQlo advertising campaign worldwide. The band played their first shows in the UK this May, in both London and at Brighton's Great Escape Festival. It was the first set of gigs outside of the US in fact, outside of their home state of California for the young group, who have played extensively in their hometown of Los Angeles to a fanbase that has grown exponentially both in size and enthusiasm. This summer they play select shows with the Black Lips & CRX in the States and appear at the End of the Road festival in England.

Starcrawler's debut LP, produced by Ryan Adams at his Pax AM studio in Hollywood, will be released early 2018.

Brudenell Social Club

33 Queen's Road, Leeds LS6 1NY